Multiplier events

Multiplier events

Three multiplier events will be held during the project. The overall aim of the multiplier events is to share the results of the project with a wider audience.

May 5, 2023: virtual event hosted by University of South-Eastern Norway

This one-day virtual multiplier event will present the project results (online platform and joint module) to a broad audience (e.g. traditional musicians, ethnomusicologists and scholars, students and teachers outside Europe, etc.) The conference will include presentations, panel discussions, and sessions about the progress of the online platform and the ongoing reflection on the development of the joint module.                                              

November 9–11, 2023: presentation of the project during the AEC annual congress in The Hague

Several presentations of the project will be organized at the 50th annual AEC Congress in The Hague in 2023. This event is expected to attract about 400 representatives (directors, rectors, chief of departments, student representatives, international relations coordinators and teachers) of higher music education institutions in Europe and beyond. TUNE will be presented during a plenary session, as well as during a specific conference session with further details on the project’s results and methodology. Presentations will include elements of active participation and/or break-out discussions.                                          

May 2024: hybrid conference “TUNE opening borders!” and final event hosted by pôle Aliénor in Poitiers

This one-day conference in hybrid format will present the online platform and the joint module to a broad audience, including actors of traditional music and dance in France: artists, teachers, students, ethnomusicologists and scholars, amateur players and singers, young pupils of music schools and associations, higher education teachers and students from partner institutions and other European institutions that offer traditional music programs at bachelor and master level and international artists, students and teachers outside Europe. The hybrid conference will provide the opportunity to present live conferences, workshops, panel discussions and/or parallel sessions as well as live broadcasted presentations and students’ concerts and productions. This event will be the achievement of the last intensive week with a concert given by the students of the 5 partner HEIs, in professional conditions.