Online platform

Online platform

Innovative digital educational content and technical structures for a sustainable online learning platform, “TUNE Online Platform for Learning, Teaching and Musical Exchange”

A central tool for the needs of the project will be the development of a platform for online learning, teaching and musical/cultural exchange. The online platform will form the basis for a sustainable network that can be maintained and developed by the partner institutions. It will be the central repository for sharing multiple types of digital files (video, audio, photos, sheet music, etc.), as well as the main communication network between the partner institutions. Throughout the project, student groups will engage with one another, as well as the participating teachers, via the online platform.

E-learning activities include:

  • Multimedia lectures/seminars on musicological topics (genres, musical instruments, local styles etc.)
  • Music ensemble e-courses
  • Lectures/seminars on the pedagogy of teaching traditional music
  • Developing video tutorials for learning/teaching music
  • Student presentations and musical performances
  • Sharing audio and video of local repertoire to become acquainted with each participant country’s traditional music culture

The platform will use the Moodle LMS, but platform contents can be easily transferred to other LMS systems, thus enabling flexibility.